List of 10 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: When will ROBS reopen fully?

    We are eager to get all of our students back on campus—safely and for the long-term. The reopening matrix offers a framework for how and when we would transition. While we consider a variety of data (e.g., Harris County threat level, TMC capacity status, health department recommendations), our decisions are not contingent on a single metric. Bringing everyone back to school must be done thoughtfully and cautiously, as doing so too quickly could jeopardize our ability to remain open. You can count on us to tell you if we are anticipating a transition. Your weekly InTouch will be your best source for steady updates.
  • Q: How are decisions being made?

    The ROBS Administrative Team makes decisions about school operations—including when and how to open—in consultation with the Board of Trustees and credible sources of health and medical research.
    Our conversations are wide-ranging as we consider the implications of our decisions on the intellectual, social, spiritual, and of course physical health of our community members. Our decisions are informed by:
    • Analysis and recommendations from Healthcare Advisory Collaborative (HAC), a consulting firm that specializes in operationalizing infection prevention strategies for large hospital systems
    • Evidence-based practices in infection prevention
    • American Academy of Pediatrics
    • Regulatory guidance from the federal, state, and local levels (CDC, WHO, Dept. of Health, TEA)
    • Harris County COVID-19 Threat Level Tracker
    • Lessons from school leaders around the world as they have reopened their schools
    • Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) and National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)
    • Our community—ROBS Board of Trustees, Risk Management Committee, Pandemic Response Team, Educational Task Force, faculty and staff, and YOU!

  • Q: What happens if my family wants to “opt out” of attending in person, even if school is happening on campus?

    Families may opt for their child to participate remotely for a number of reasons. If your child needs to transition into a distance learning program or back to in-person learning, please make arrangements with your division head. 
  • Q: What happens when someone on campus tests positive for COVID?

    Our COVID Response plan details the immediate internal steps that the School and patient will follow. Consistent with school notification requirements for communicable diseases, and consistent with legal confidentiality requirements, ROBS will notify all faculty, staff, and families of all students if a lab-confirmed case is identified among anyone who participated in on-campus activities.
  • Q: Are students and/or teachers required to undergo testing prior to comming on campus?

    We will not require COVID testing for students or teachers because it does not capture transmission risk beyond a single point in time. A negative test does not guarantee that individuals will not become positive, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic, soon after a negative test. Additionally, the sensitivity and specificity of the various tests is variable and is dependent upon manufacturer, specimen collection, and stage of disease.
  • Q: Are masks required?

    Yes. All teachers, staff, and students - including Preschool and Kindergarten - must wear a face mask while on campus. In keeping with our commitment to make our learning environment as safe as possible during this time, we are compelled to follow the CDC and AAP, both of which now recommend face masks for children ages 2 and older.

    While there has been some debate over the efficacy of neck gaiters/buffs related to their material, we have decided to prohibit them for now. It is simply infeasible for us to police the material of each child’s gaiter.

    Acceptable masks:
    • Cloth masks (2-ply and fitted)
    • N95 masks
    • KN95 masks
    Not permitted as face coverings:
    • Buffs/gaiters
    • Bandana masks
    • Masks with one-way valves or vents
    • Face shields or visors alone (may be worn in conjunction with a permitted face covering)

    A mask lanyard with an adjustable strap is a good way for students to keep their masks secured close to their neck. ROBS will provide a mask lanyard for each student, and we will have plenty of disposable face masks on hand for anyone who forgets or misplaces theirs.
  • Q: Are visitors allowed on campus?

    In an effort to reduce infection exposure from outside sources, we have tightened our visitor policy considerably. Only internal personnel—students, teachers, employees—and a few essential services will be allowed inside campus facilities. Parents should remain in their vehicles when dropping off or picking up students. Essential personnel like therapists and repair/maintenance workers will be permitted on campus following a thorough health screening. All volunteer opportunities will be conducted virtually or off campus. Tutors are not considered essential personnel.
  • Q: Are families expected to follow health and safety protocols while off campus?

    Keeping our campus safe must be a shared responsibility. ROBS is asking its families to limit social engagements outside of their family as much as possible. This includes playdates, social gatherings, and any other unnecessary social contact. Beginning two weeks before the first day of school and during the school year, we expect our families to:
    • Wear masks when in the presence of persons outside your own household;
    • Maintain a physical distance of 6’ from those outside your household;
    • Avoid large gatherings; and
    • Comply with non-essential travel restrictions.
    If you have a question about whether an activity is discouraged, use this list to determine whether it is appropriate for your child.
  • Q: Will I get a partial tuition refund if part of the school year is online?

    Life during COVID is different, especially school life. All of us—administrators, teachers, and especially parents—are working to ensure our kids receive the best possible educational experience in a very strange new context. ROBS remains committed to delivering a best-in-class program. This commitment is non-negotiable, which is why many of our families tell us they choose ROBS. In addition to fixed costs like salaries and benefits (which account for the majority of the operating budget), there are significant, atypical costs this year—upgrades to our IT infrastructure to support distance learning and on campus bandwidth, new digital platforms for virtual instruction, additional student supplies to reduce shared manipulatives, plexiglass barriers for classroom desks, PPE equipment, and infrared temperature scanning equipment—to name a few. While there may be some cost reductions with potential cancellations (i.e., activities, athletics, overnight trips), we cannot determine the full extent of them until we move through the school year. If like last year we are able to refund certain fees, it would be at the end of the school year.

  • Q: Other questions

    We invite all ROBS community members to a town hall meeting at 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 5 with ROBS Head of School Leanne Reynolds. Families will receive a link to join the meeting on Wednesday morning. Please submit any questions you would like Leanne to address via this link.

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