Sporting Clays

The next biennial Sporting Clays event will be Monday, April 10, 2017 at the Greater Houston Gun Club. The event is co-chaired by Melanie and Scott Rothwell and Kelly and Michael Sklar. Contact Development Associate Lauren Turnham with any questions.

Sporting Clays welcomes beginner to expert men and women shooters 21 years and older to join us for this community building competition. Registration is open to foursomes, two-person teams, and individuals.

Lunch will be provided before the shoot. Following the competition, there will be an awards ceremony and reception.

Event Timeline - April 10, 2017

10:15 a.m. – Registration
11:00 a.m. – Lunch
12:15 p.m. – Shoot Begins

Cocktail Reception to Follow

Platinum Sponsor ($10,000)
Bronze Sponsor ($1,500) cont’d.
The Holthouse Foundation for Kids/Lisa and
Jacques Hodges/Mike Ondrias/Wes Tolbert
  Michael Holthouse
McGuire Woods/Katherine and
Melanie and Scott Rothwell
  Matthew Kapinos
Kestrel Capital, LP/Barrett Webster
Gold Sponsor ($5,000)
Joanie and John Kirksey
The Mach Family
Jessica and Gabriel Mena
Carolyn and Garry Tanner
The Sklar Family
BB&T/Courtney and Bill Toomey
Misty and Tyson Weihs
Silver Sponsor ($2,500)
2-Person Team ($750)
Elizabeth and Daryl Allen
Aaron Howes
Stewart Black/Ernie Cockrell/Thad Hill/
Devin and Ryan McCord
  Stuart Wallace
PEGG Products/Erin and Preston Hall
Station Underwriter ($350)
Erika and Peter Johnson
Courtney and J. Scott Blair
Patrick J. Pacheco/Cadence Bank
Anne and John Freeman
Mary and Mark Rothwell
The Holthouse Foundation for Kids/Lisa and
The Sklar Family
  Michael Holthouse
Elizabeth and James Whitehead
Brady Knight/Knight Planning Corporation
Laurie and Tracy Krohn
Bronze Sponsor ($1,500)
Dawn and Chris Krieg
Ben Alexander/Mac Jensen/Chris Krieg/
Jennifer and Mark Miller
  Mark Mitchell
John Puckett
Kitty and Jerrod Bain/Catherine and John Rentz
Charlotte Rothwell
Linda and Andrew Bosarge
Melissa and Scott Santana
Greggory Burk/Brandi Dowell/Hollis Grace/
Legacy Funeral Group/Michael L. Soper
  Allison Jordan
Lauren and Ken Burke
Individuals ($225)
Sarah Jane and Ross Canion
Chris Martin
Fowler Carter/Hunt Harper/Will Petit/
Al Pratka
   Reid Springmeyer
Brian Sauer
Deutsch & Deutsch Jewelers/Lance Deutsch
Jackson Wise
Donovan Ventures/John Donovan
Frost - Banking, Investment, Insurance
Sophie and Louis Girard
Laura and Steve Jones
Julie and Robin Goytia
Kay and Clark Martin
Hollis and Randall Grace
Nancy and David Pustka
Lauren and Herschel Hamner/
Barbara and Louis Sklar
  Natalie and Ryan Synnott
Reed and Billy Wareing
Kara and Hank Hilliard

Host Committee

Melanie and Scott Rothwell, Co-Chairs
Kelly and Michael Sklar, Co-Chairs
Greggory and Pat Burk
Lauren and Ken Burke
Stephanie and Ernie Cockrell
Anne and John Freeman
Julie and Rob Goytia
Hollis and Randall Grace
Margaret and Thad Hill
Jenna and Harris Junell
Joanie and John Kirksey
Alex and Brady Knight
Dawn and Chris Krieg
Carmen and Butch Mach
Joella and Steve Mach
Devin and Ryan McCord
Jessica and Gabe Mena
Stephanie and Brian Sauer