At ROBS, we aspire to develop children’s intellect and character equally. Achieving this goal begins with exceptional teachers. Many of the brightest and most inspired teaching minds in Houston are drawn to ROBS for myriad reasons. Our student-centered approach gives you the freedom to focus on teaching children and energizing them with a passion for learning. Every day, you are engaged with eager students and collaborative colleagues. Our curricula and classrooms give you abundant resources to set each student on a lifelong journey of joyful exploration.

Our teachers are supported by a talented team of staff and administrators who play a vital role in influencing both our students and our culture. Whether your gifts lie in counseling, organizing, fundraising, or communicating, you make a dfference here. 

You are rewarded not only with competitive compensation, but also with opportunities to expand your craft through our extensive professional development program. You are enriched by an environment that values excellence in everything we do. And you are immersed in a Christian community where you can attend to children’s spiritual needs, as well as to your own. If this atmosphere calls to you, perhaps you should answer.
Having taught in public schools for many years,
I think of ROBS as 'teacher heaven.'
Because Christian spiritual education is central to our mission, ROBS only hires employees who profess the Christian faith. ROBS does not discriminate in hiring on the basis of race, color, gender, age, disability, ethnicity, or national origin.
Our teachers never stop shaping themselves into better educators. Through faculty grants, our instructors are given the opportunity to enhance their teaching repertoire during the summer months. They go on journeys of discovery, take workshops, study under veteran instructors, and delve deeper into the subjects they teach.

These grants have strengthened our faculty in tremendous ways. American History teacher Barbara Luengas explored the beaches of Normandy and other monumental WWII sites. Art teacher Katie Coleman made the pilgrimage to Rome, Florence, and Venice to study masterpieces of the Renaissance. Theater Arts teacher Susan Draper attended the Meisner Teacher Training Program at the True Acting Institute in Oregon. In Prague, third grade teacher Lisa Gilmore and Lower School Librarian Christa Pryor discovered new ways to incorporate creativity into our curriculum. So how would you like to grow as a teacher?

Faculty grants are generously underwritten by the Carrabba family and funds raised by each eighth grade class.