Why choose a school that ends in eighth grade?

It’s on the mind of nearly every parent who applies to ROBS: Why choose a school that ends in eighth grade?

Actually, there are several great reasons—especially if your starting point is this question:

“What is in the best interest of my child?”

      When our girls were in the Preschool, we wanted the School to expand to include a high school. Once they entered the Lower School, I realized that the grade range is perfect. Our kids are free to be "children" and can stay innocent a little longer. Having a high school would change that campus dynamic.

  • All resources are dedicated to students in Preschool to eighth grade, rather than diverted to resource-intensive high school programming.

  • Middle School students aren’t in the middle. Instead, as the leaders of the School, they serve as role models for the entire student body.

  • Adolescence is a time of life when children are solidifying their religious beliefs, making a spiritual environment particularly valuable during the Middle School years.
     By ending in eighth grade, ROBS rewards students by combining a well-deserved, shining moment as leaders of the student body with the promise of a fresh start in high school.

  • In the early years, when most parents are choosing their child’s first school, they do not yet know what their child’s interests, talents, or learning style will be. By the time students reach eighth grade, families can choose the high school that is the best fit for each child.

  • After as many as twelve years at the same school, eighth graders are ready for new friends and a new environment. Some are even eager for a “clean slate” to reinvent themselves in high school.

  • When teens take that big step into high school, they are still at home, where parents can guide them in making transitions and choosing friends wisely.
When we chose ROBS, we liked the fact that it ended at eighth grade so our girls would learn to change environments before they left for college. Now that our oldest is in high school, we have seen how important that is and so much more. Having a deeper knowledge of our child helped us make the best choice from among Houston's varied high schools. We are so fortunate that ROBS prepares students and parents to find the high school that is right for each child.
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