Take a virtual tour of our planned Middle School Building!

We are so excited about making our vision for a new middle school building a reality.

The structure will blend mindful architecture, enlightening technologies, and state-of-the-art spaces to spark curiosity and invigorate the learning process. This addition also allows us to grow our student body, which gives more kids access to an exceptional holistic educational experience. A larger student body means expanded programs in athletics, arts, and other vital offerings while reducing class size.

Our Distinctive Two-Fold Approach

Our student-centered approach to education advances your child’s energetic mind and budding character.

We meld AMBITIOUS ACADEMICS with ABIDING CHRISTIAN VALUES, providing your child with the tools to identify and solve nuanced problems in a changing world. This is why our graduates thrive in Houston’s top high schools, some of America's best boarding schools, and beyond.

Our two-fold curriculum challenges your child to always BE THE EXAMPLE of a mind and heart seeking ever-forward.

Why choose a K-8 school?

It’s on the mind of nearly every parent who applies to ROBS. There are actually several great reasons to choose a school that ends in eighth grade—especially if your starting point is one particular question.

What is in the best interest of my child?

"If I could design psychologically safe schools,
every elementary school in the United States would go from kindergarten through grade eighth

- Michael Thompson, psychologist and NY Times best-selling author