Tuition covers the cost of all textbooks and classroom materials. Student fees cover expenses such as yearbooks, student pictures, and field trips. Fees for Prekindergarten include the cost of the Individual Evaluation for Kindergarten. Tuition and fees are for the 2020-21 school year.
Grade Levels
Discovery & Discovery Plus
Readiness & Readiness Plus
Grades 1 – 4
Grades 5 – 6
Grades 7 – 8
New Student Fee
Lunch Fee for Lower School
Lunch Fee for Middle School
Tablet PC Package for Grade 6 
  and new students in Grades 7-8

Optional Fees
Sports Fee
  (Middle School, optional)


          $175 - $275/sport
Fine Arts (Middle School, optional)
Prime Time After-School Care
  Readiness Plus, PreK and Kindergarten 
  Grades 1-4
  Grades 5-8
          $75 - $150/year

Ambitious academics rooted in abiding Christian values for children age 2 through grade 8

Located in Houston, Texas, River Oaks Baptist School is a private, Christian, co-educational day school for students in preschool, lower school, and middle school. Students benefit from a challenging academic program, Christian character education, competitive athletics, fine and performing arts, and a wide selection of extra-curricular activities.
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