Spiritual Life

People are spiritual beings. From our earliest years, we wonder how we came to be. We marvel at the earth, moon, and stars. How did they get in the sky? We search for meaning when life gets hard, when tragedies happen, when we lose people we love. Even as adults, we ask, “What is my life’s purpose?”

We believe that for children, the starting point for answers to life’s biggest questions is their own family. You are the most important teacher, spiritual influence, and role model for your child. We also approach these questions from a Christian perspective at school with ecumenical messages such as these:

  • God created the entire universe, even us.
  • God gave each of us special gifts and talents, and we should use them to glorify Him.
  • God is love. We can show our love for God by loving and serving others.
  • God loved the world so much that He sent his son Jesus to show us how to live.
  • Jesus died for our sins so that we can live forever with God.
   My sons have grown so much in their faith, even initiating the blessing before our meals. There is nothing sweeter than the sound of a child's prayer.

ROBS students learn about God and Jesus in Bible class and weekly Chapel. They study the major people, places, and events in the Old and New Testaments, and they gain a perspective on how God wants us to live by listening to daily devotionals based on scripture.

Every teacher at ROBS has professed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. But that doesn’t mean our faculty hold the same beliefs or opinions. Our religious views are as varied as the churches we attend. Because teachers and students openly discuss spiritual matters at school, your child may come home talking about what she heard in Chapel or Bible class. We encourage parents to use those moments to start the conversation on your personal religious views and what your family believes.

A foundation in faith offers kids a framework for making good decisions, and it gives them optimism and resilience when the going gets tough. At ROBS, faith in Jesus Christ and Christian principles is our way forward.
Ambitious academics rooted in abiding Christian values for children age 2 through grade 8

Located in Houston, Texas, River Oaks Baptist School is a private, Christian, co-educational day school for students in preschool, lower school, and middle school. Students benefit from a challenging academic program, Christian character education, competitive athletics, fine and performing arts, and a wide selection of extra-curricular activities.
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