Readiness (Age 3)

The Readiness classroom is a whirl of activity. As your child explores the ever-changing theme of the week, she will begin to make connections between her life and the world around her.

A hallmark of the Readiness year is hands-on, sensory play: drawing in shaving cream, measuring kernels of corn, harvesting herbs from our garden. Through dramatic play, your child will imagine working in a zoo, a weather station, or a pet shop. By asking questions and exploring answers, your child will experience the relationship between cause and effect: What happens when I mix blue and yellow paint? What happens when I add vinegar to baking soda? What happens when I plant seeds and water them each day?

At the end of the day, you may ask your child, “What did you do at school?” And he may answer, “We just played.” Of course, he’ll be right—but he’ll also be learning every step of the way.

Yesterday my son said, 'Do you know what a compound word is?' Honestly, I couldn't put my finger on it. He went on to explain it's two words that are separate and then you squish them together and it makes a whole new word. He went through a handful of examples—mail and box, tree and house—and then we played a compound word game. Wow! He is learning so much.

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  • How do you teach children to be confident public speakers? Start young.

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  • Ready. Set. Grow. Gardening gets children in touch with the abundance of God’s creation.

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  • It’s a performance. It strengthens gross motor skills. And it’s so much fun! The “turkey tango” is proof that young children learn best through play.

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