Prekindergarten (Age 4)

Prekindergarten is a magical time in a child’s journey at ROBS. Every day sparkles with fresh wonders:

  • For a week at a time, students enjoy in-depth author studies featuring the very best in children’s literature. For instance, your child will delight in discovering the work of Mo Willems—his themes, characters, and how his illustrations bring his stories to life.
  • Your child’s artistry will blossom as she explores the great masters such as Van Gogh, DaVinci, and Picasso. After discovering how Michelangelo painted the magnificent frescoes of the Sistine Chapel, she will lie beneath a table to create her own upside-down masterpiece.
  • Basic building blocks will introduce kids to important principles of math, design, and engineering: How do you build a bridge that spans the river? Which vehicle will move down the ramp fastest? Why doesn’t your tower fall down?
  • We even begin to lay the foundation for solid public speaking skills with small classroom presentations like “show and tell,” as well as larger performances such as Chapel plays.
By the end of this remarkable year, your child will be ready—ready for all the new adventures, challenges, and successes that await.
'Developmentally appropriate' curriculum is a buzzword in early childhood education, but in the ROBS Preschool, it is a reality. The teachers have created an environment where the children are truly able to learn through play. It is one of the most joy-filled places on campus.

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  • Self-Portraits

    Self-portraits are an eloquent form of self-expression for young children. More detailed features begin to emerge as children move through the preschool years.

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  • Construction Zone

    Young children begin by simply stacking blocks, but as they mature, their structures open up. They use blocks to create patterns, symmetry, and balance. Stories become the basis for construction and collaboration as children design an airport, a zoo, or a space ship. The block center is an exciting place to gain a deeper understanding of the world.

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  • Bon Appetit!

    Sometimes the best assignment is one you can eat. Cooking lessons in class increase children’s finger dexterity. Fruit pizzas also become a delicious platform for creating colorful patterns.
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