Seventh Grade

Seventh grade is unique because of the many changes taking place in adolescent bodies and minds. Because children mature at different times, seventh graders vary widely in terms of physical, mental, social, and emotional development. At ROBS, we approach this fascinating year with a formula for success.

Your child will have more options than ever in seventh grade. Honors classes offer qualified and interested students an even more challenging curriculum in English and Algebra. Students may pursue personal interests through a full menu of electives and activities such as yearbook, theater arts, Singers, Raiders of Community Service, Robotics, and Computer Club. We offer nine sports across three seasons, and your child will be able to participate in an athletic team year-round if she chooses.

Academically and emotionally, your seventh grader will show a growing capacity for abstract thought, planning, and empathy. Our seventh grade program capitalizes on these emerging strengths.

  • Western Civilization will broaden your child’s understanding of European history—from ancient Greece through the Age of Discovery.
  • Connecting history and literature, ancient mythology and other great fiction will open the door for dialogue about the heroes in each of our lives.
  • Your child will take the first half of high-school level Algebra I. Remember exponents, factoring, and polynomials?
  • Life Science will introduce your child to key concepts in biology. Hands-on projects—from dissecting a frog to depicting parts of a cell as a city—not only make learning fun; they make learning last.
With high school on the horizon, your child will be expected to manage long-term and group projects, as well as weekend homework. His final year at ROBS approaches, and he will be ready.
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