Fifth Grade

As your child embarks on the first year of Middle School, a whole new world awaits. At first, your child may focus on the thrill of decorating her locker and changing classes each period. (Yes, getting the right materials from locker to class takes a little practice.) But fifth grade brings so much more than a busier schedule.

Your child can look forward to a year of amazing experiences:

  • A double dose of language arts in fifth grade gives students a strong foundation for all that lies ahead. One class emphasizes grammar, spelling, and writing, while the other uses an individualized reading program to stress comprehension and critical thinking.
  • There's no better way to energize children about science than putting them to work building terrariums, Mars rover prototypes, and Rube Goldberg machines.  
  • Students apply math skills to real-world situations with opportunities to earn classroom money called "bonds" and then spend or save them. Saving is rewarded with periodic interest, not to mention a bigger bank account to spend when rollicking class auctions come around.
  • Glimpsing life in the Civil War, a New York shirt factory, and the trenches of World War I makes American history come alive in young minds.
  • Students' first overnight field trip to Camp Allen gives them the gift of time to explore the woods and connect with classmates.

And that’s just the beginning. Along the way, your child will learn to adjust to teachers with different personalities, expectations, and teaching styles. Long-term projects will require more planning. Multiple homework assignments, quizzes, and tests will challenge your child to be more organized and responsible.

The best part? Your child will love learning.
    • Fifth graders at Camp Allen gather natural resources to construct an outdoor shelter. Warning: if it

      Fifth graders at Camp Allen gather natural resources to construct an outdoor shelter. Warning: if it's near Houston, it better be waterproof!

Our daughter went to a public school from kindergarten through fourth grade. When she started at ROBS in fifth grade, she sang and gushed day after day when I picked her up from school. The drastic difference in her happiness and peace spoke volumes. It's why we enrolled our son as soon as he was old enough.
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Located in Houston, Texas, River Oaks Baptist School is a private, Christian, co-educational day school for students in preschool, lower school, and middle school. Students benefit from a challenging academic program, Christian character education, competitive athletics, fine and performing arts, and a wide selection of extra-curricular activities.
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