Third Grade

Literally and figuratively, third graders are growing in stature. They move upstairs and switch classrooms halfway through the day. They begin to experience the thrill and responsibility of being role models for younger students. And they bring more mental energy to learning. In a year with memorable moments too numerous to count, your child can look forward to discoveries such as these:

  • Social relationships can start to change in third grade. Our first core novel, the beloved Charlotte’s Web, introduces students to timeless truths about friendship.
  • What happens when the principal suddenly takes away recess? Third graders are filled with righteous indignation and petition to have their “rights” reinstated. That exchange sets the emotional stage for kids to study the fight for Texas independence.
  • We say with a smile that math and reading get married in third grade. The result is word problems! Students move beyond solving simple equations to applying higher-order thinking skills in math.
  • There’s no typo in “Angles We Have Heard on High.” We know that geometry takes shape in kids’ minds as they explore it in three dimensions, such as calculating how much wrapping paper it takes to cover a package.
  • Do you recall the first time you heard Shakespeare? Troupe d’ Jour’s entertaining and interactive presentations take the Bard off the page and onto the stage. Your child may even enact the role of Beatrice, Benedick, Claudio, or Hero in Much Ado about Nothing.
  • App-based tools such as the ever-popular “Kahoot!” captivate learners by turning lessons into friendly competition, challenging students to push themselves to new limits.
As students think more conceptually, they begin to understand themselves as learners. They are ready and eager to join their parents and teacher for conferences about their progress. You will hear your child talk about what drives him and challenges him as a learner. He is starting to take ownership of his education.

He is learning to learn.
Third grade is the best. You have pi day, you write with feathers, and you have awesome teachers.  Lexi '21
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