Fourth Grade

Fourth grade represents a pinnacle at ROBS. While so much lies ahead in our Middle School, there is just as much to celebrate this year as fourth graders become our leaders of Lower School. Fourth grade is purposefully designed to give students abundant opportunities for leadership. And kids are coming into their own as courageous, independent learners.

  • Highly personal writing assignments prompt students to consider and articulate what it means to be a leader.
  • When it comes to public speaking, serving as news anchors on KROB and leading prayers and pledges at Lower School chapel increase kids’ competence and confidence.
  • For the past four years, your child has experienced the buddy program as the younger student. Now he steps into the role of older buddy, putting into practice all he has learned from the older kids he admires.
  • The Science curriculum focuses on subjects that captivate kids: animals, their adaptations, and the changing earth. You’ve heard that the best way to learn something is to teach it? Your child will channel her inner Ms. Frizzle, explaining the water cycle and simulating a volcanic eruption with her first grade buddy.
  • All fourth graders experience the joy of reading and analyzing great books together. Small-group book clubs allow each student to choose novels with strong personal appeal.
  • Even learning about measurements, fractions, and volume is fun when you’re at ROBS. Cooking for a cause, creating wacky “fractionated” clothing, and determining the volume of an enormous sculpture transform math from conceptual to concrete.
  • Paralleling the Science curriculum, our award-winning Spanish program, which fourth graders attend several days a week, prepares kids with solid foundational skills.
This year, your child is consolidating all he has learned academically, socially, and emotionally. In May, when each fourth grader speaks at Lower School graduation, your heart will swell with pride at the people they are becoming.

School is a dress rehearsal for life. It seems like just as we’re mastering one phase, another one comes along. Middle School awaits….
“Participating in KROB has given our daughter a great sense of responsibility. We've seen her gain the confidence she needed to be a more effective communicator with her teachers, peers, and everyone outside of school.”
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