Our Program

At ROBS, we guide our students on a journey to excellence in ways that engage, excite, and inspire. Our approach to instruction is designed to make lessons come alive in young minds. This is not schooling. This is passionate learning, and it is a pursuit that carries over into high school and throughout life.

As much as we emphasize the building of knowledge, ROBS is just as intent on building character. Like a sponge in water, kids absorb the atmosphere to which they are exposed. That’s why we surround students with positive messages about good character. Our character education is based on Christian values, especially qualities such as love, joy, kindness, patience, and self-control.

When our eighth graders move on to high school, they are self-confident, socially adept, and spiritually rooted. They are poised communicators and comfortable leaders. They are considerate, well-rounded, and fair-minded human beings prepared and eager for all that comes next.

     When I was first choosing a school for my kids, I would have said that the most important thing was academics. Now that my children and their friends are out of college and making their way in the world, I know that character is at least as important as academics.